Take it Not for Granted

Tick tock
There goes the clock
Think now
Who is the clown?

Sinking in movies
Drowning in smoothies
Food and drama
Is what you desire

You have assignments
Coupled with readings
But what are your sentiments?
Witness the endings!

After your done,
Then what is to come?
Only more movies
Thinking it’s fun

Deadlines are approaching
In classes, you’re lagging
Prayer time is suffering
But entertainment, entertainment

Cold in the heart
As eyes behold the Word
As mouth speaks the Sword
Clearly the heart is apart

‘Started out as, “just a little bit”
Now you admit it’s hard to stop
But though you seem stuck in a pit,
At least now you know you’re unfit

Jesus came for the sick
Forgiving seventy times seven
A contrite heart is the pick
So return, allow God to leaven

Not by your strength but the Spirit’s
Turning cold stones to flesh
And giving new desires afresh
But take it not for granted
Get up and act, slay the flesh



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