Take it Not for Granted

Tick tockThere goes the clockThink nowWho is the clown? Sinking in moviesDrowning in smoothiesFood and dramaIs what you desire You have assignmentsCoupled with readingsBut what are your sentiments?Witness the endings! After your done,Then what is to come?Only more moviesThinking it's fun Deadlines are approachingIn classes, you're laggingPrayer time is sufferingBut entertainment, entertainment Cold in the … Continue reading Take it Not for Granted

Time Runs, but God is in Control

Time literally doesn't wait for me! I mean, I know it doesn't wait for anyone else but it always seems to be flying whenever it's with me. Okay, okay, I know I waste time. I have been wasting so much time that its been affecting my study time with the Lord, but as far as … Continue reading Time Runs, but God is in Control