Note to Self #5

Hey Hephi, You're feeling weighed down right now. You've identified possible reasons why, such as school pace, friendship struggle, boy trouble, financial situation, and more. But I want to remind you that God is good. God is in control. You are where you are meant to be right now. God is working through the pain, … Continue reading Note to Self #5


Take it Not for Granted

Tick tockThere goes the clockThink nowWho is the clown? Sinking in moviesDrowning in smoothiesFood and dramaIs what you desire You have assignmentsCoupled with readingsBut what are your sentiments?Witness the endings! After your done,Then what is to come?Only more moviesThinking it's fun Deadlines are approachingIn classes, you're laggingPrayer time is sufferingBut entertainment, entertainment Cold in the … Continue reading Take it Not for Granted

Health Rut

Hey, it's me again and I feel like a mess. You're probably tired of me talking about my struggles all the time, but I feel weird, stuck, impulsive, yet in a state of inertia, unable to do anything productive. My room is a terrible mess, my clothes are scattered, my eating habits are bad bad, … Continue reading Health Rut

Not Enslaved but Free

It will be a hard long journey to the complete freedom from sin, and full glorification with Christ, but it will also be a sweet one. It brings joy to serve the Lord, lasting joy, and perhaps that's what I forget when I want to indulge. Maybe it skips my mind that it pays to let go of things that will cause your spiritual life to be the payment. Or even more so, it seems that I have forgotten my identity in that moment: who I am in Christ and what grace and power has been given and shown to me to live righteously; that I am free to do what is right. I am not dominated by anything but Christ Who's Spirit gives strength to live a life pleasing to the Father.


Sometimes I think I've had it bad. I get so regretful and sad when I think of the fact that I don't have a full family picture. Some of my siblings struggle with resentment issues with the family and there's also the issue of subtle disconnect amongst us as a whole, that is, if there … Continue reading Family