The Refiner

Hey, it’s been a minute, hasn’t it?

I took a mini break of not putting unnecessary stress on myself to be consistent by posting daily on this blog when my quiet time was suffering from consistency.

I had to ask myself a question that basically explored why I tried so hard to deliver to the outside world when I was spiritually struggling on the inside. When I had restarted this blog, I decided to do it only being led by the Spirit, but I was now willing to be perfected by the flesh. I had somewhat neglected keeping in step with the Spirit with this blog and was consumed primarily with building followers and looking towards earning money along the line. Yes, it’s horrible but I admit it. God is such a good Father to help me acknowledge my shortcoming and equip me through His Spirit and my friends to turn back into the right purpose.

Praise be Him even, I attended some days of an online event held by Mazino Malaka which was about returning to the Father. I saw how much desire in her burned for the Lord and I could not control the tears watching her worship. I wanted that fire and even more. The fire that wants the Lord and nothing more; the heart that hopes to consecrate all to God and see the world coming to know the Lord personally; the mind that is constantly being overwhelmed with the love of Christ; and the soul that craves to be continually purified.

The song, Refiner by Maverick City has been on repeat in my head, and in my mouth. I want to be tried by fire, purified. You take whatever You desire. Lord, here’s my life.

Clean my heart, purify my hands; I want to burn for You, only for You.

Lord, here is my life. Please let the desire to please You overcome the desire to appease my flesh in doing the things You hate.

Amen xx.


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