Take it Not for Granted

Tick tockThere goes the clockThink nowWho is the clown? Sinking in moviesDrowning in smoothiesFood and dramaIs what you desire You have assignmentsCoupled with readingsBut what are your sentiments?Witness the endings! After your done,Then what is to come?Only more moviesThinking it's fun Deadlines are approachingIn classes, you're laggingPrayer time is sufferingBut entertainment, entertainment Cold in the … Continue reading Take it Not for Granted

What to Write?

Looking for what to writeSearching for hints within my sightReflecting on hidden nuggets 'all my mightAs if life in Christ is not the light But most times I forget the reasonWhy I began to share my piecesBut however tough such seasonIn the secret place, turmoil ceases And in that precious hidden placeWhere I withdraw to … Continue reading What to Write?

Allusions in The Chronicles of Narnia

I loved the part when Aslan kissed one of the children with strength, equipping him for the journey he set him off on. And when things were so discouraging, hard and temptation so enticing to give in to, what would keep him going is the look of compassion he saw in the eyes of Aslan, convincing him that truly, Aslan understood his pain and loved him and his mother, possibly even more than he himself loved her.


Searching through the comments Wandering through the photos Maybe in the compliments Or perhaps in the responses? . Where is this joy My heart so longs for? Why does it deplete Ever so often? . But I know of everlasting joy; Not found in the comments, Nor in the responses or comps But in the … Continue reading Joy

Authentic Beauty

Holding onto the facade of beauty Succumbing to the lies of a false reality Too meager of a thing to trust in For genuineness lies deep-rooted within . You know not what you behold By merely looking upon the surface For inward lets the truth unfold And in Christ, authenticity by grace Hephzibah