A Continual Turn for the Better

I decided to put applying to various jobs on hold. I want to make the best of what has already been made available to me. Practicing for the assessment test for a job that the school opened up to us students. And aside from that, I choose to learn the concepts that I learn in class, not merely to pass grades, but for the future; to utilize the knowledge I learn now in future jobs. Learning just to pass has not gotten me to a very good place at the moment. I am hardly learned in a certain skill or knowledge. But it is okay. I can start now to become better and improve.

I got these thoughts and realizations while I was praying on Saturday. let me tell you something, there is something about praying audibly while pacing around the room: it engages you. Perhaps it was the background music that was playing in the room, all I know was that I enjoyed praying. Praying for myself, and other people, somewhat remembering few Bible verses and letting out my heart. I exceeded the time limit I set for myself and just wanted to keep communicating and laying requests. It made me look forward to the next prayer session.

Thank God for legs to walk, a mouth to speak, gadgets to play music, a mind to think, and a heart that is being transformed by His Spirit.

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