Today I heard the news of a close relative of mine losing a child she just gave birth to, prematurely in two days, or more like one even. Mind you, she had lost another baby through stillbirth about two years ago. And to add salt on top the worm, she lost her mother late last year, and had viewed this baby as a blessing of comfort for the immense sorrow she felt over the loss of her mother.

When I hear these kind of stories, I begin to wonder and really ponder upon the sufferings that people go through. Immense suffering is real so that’s not the reason for the wandering thought processes. It’s the responses that people have with regards to these trials. Through the previous storms, my relative held strongly to God and although she lamented over her grievances in sorrow, she still looked to God, the Author and Perfecter of her faith. But when I heard the news, I wondered just how far she could keep up her stronghold to Christ.

However, I realise now that she was not the one holding on to Christ, but Christ holding on to her, and rooting her trust in Him. Because like I mentioned earlier, God is the perfecter of her faith. Her faith that is prone to fail in these tough times, He will increase it and hold her fast.

And so I ask that you all please say a word of prayer of her. Her name is Jennifer. Please help me pray that the God of all comfort will embrace her in His arms of rest, peace and assurance of His presence. That she remembers that He hears her cries, sees her sufferings and no physical happenings, works of the realms of darkness, nor anything can separate her from the love of Christ. He is there with her, willingly ready to carry all her burdens and give her rest. And by His grace, these sufferings will sharpen her faith and result in praise, glory and honor on that day when Jesus is revealed, because we know all things work together for the good of those who love Him and in everything, God is glorified through Jesus Christ. Amen.

Have a beautiful day Saints. x

*Featured photo gotten from Pexels.


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