Give me Life

Today as I woke up, I opened Instagram straight up before I could even realise. But the instant I beheld it, I closed it. I suppose God brought to my remembrance that I wasn’t supposed ot do that! And so I sat up, opened the Bible, plugged some earphones into my ears and thought through where I was in my Bible plan. Ah, yes. I sort of finished Exodus last night after skimming through the last five chapters that had to do with building the tabernacle. So I should begin Leviticus today.

Hollup. Why did I skim through? Because the previous time I had hopped on the quest to read my Bible from start till finish, Exodus was what sort of drained me, because of the long list of instructions on measurements given for the tabernacle, and other holy things. I had to search up YouTube to visualize it as it was read out loud (I think, I’m not sure if it was read out loud, but I remember watching the measurements translate into actual animated pieces). It sort of got engrained in my head till now even after two years have passed because I was determined to not let go of those verses even though they seemed tiresome to read. However, as I read them this time, while skimming over some that were kind of repetitive, I noticed the purposefulness of God. He took His time with the details and He was very specific, and intentional, equipping those He wanted to carry out the task given.

Beautiful God that I serve, but Exodus is not why I’m writing this. The Psalms is why I am.

So you see, as I was about to begin reading Leviticus, I suddenly remembered I wanted to memorise Psalm 119. If not everything, at least some parts of it. So I looked for a section quite high in the long alphabet segregations relating strongly to what I struggle with. And I found it. Section ‘He,’ Psalms 119:33-40. So I started meditating on it. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve personally spent that long pondering upon a group of verses as small as those. There were so profound! I found myself making various links here and there and thinking about my life and ways that connect to it. It was such a peaceful time that I never wanted to end, but eventually had to because I had upcoming classes and needed to prep for it prior. Plus, I also had an assignment to do.

But here’s what I summed up to help me remember it:

the cancellations represent the things I missed and are followed by their corrections, where it may grammatically apply.

And so that was how my morning went.

A personal summary for Psalm 119:33-40:

All that I am, You teach me, You help me to understand. So You lead me, and incline my heart. You turn my eyes. You remold me. You give me life and give me a reason to live by confirming me to your promises. Hence, I fear you. I don’t want Your wrath to burn against me so turn it away from me, because Your rules are good, and I will keep them. I long for them Lord. In the very being that You are, in Your character of righteousness, give me life.


Give me life Lord, because all that I am is Yours.

Have a beautiful day Saints. xx

*Featured image is from Pexels.


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