The Uphill Battle

I had a conversation with my dear friend today and she told me lots of things, of which I learnt a great deal of, so much I had to write it down. Okay granted. I regularly write down what people say to me. Yeah, I mostly find myself writing down some deep sturvs because I have such deep friends. lol. Praise God for that though! But yeah, back to what I was saying.

She, and her husband, explained a few things to me but I really felt what she said because I’m like her in so many ways. This was what I got from her explanation, with more expounding from me:

Our Christian walk is supposed to be a positive straight incline. However, because of our constant struggles with sin, it will be like an uphill battle with dips here and there. There would be times when we don’t feel the desire to go to God or obey Him but we still do so, with somewhat intense struggles. Those times are reminders of our weakness, because we realise once again, that we can’t do this on our own. We need the Holy Spirit, for God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness. Moreover, there would be times when the desire would be on a high and so she’d eat up as much as she can of His Word and treasure it, because she knows everyday wouldn’t always be as rosy as those days.


This came up because I mentioned I am in a phase where I find myself peacefully wanting to treasure up and read His Word, as I wake up, as I go through the day and as I go to bed. But it’s just a very recent development in a while, with varying degrees of the desire. However, I want to use it and if possible, exhaust this phase as much as I can. I don’t want it to go. I want to grow in my desperation for God’s presence. I want it to supercede my thriving on other things. I want my food to be the Word of God. I want to live as though my life depended on His Word each day, because it does.

Lord, there would be days when it will seem hard to love Your word, but please help me, as well as the person reading this, to turn to You, trusting in You to revive our spirits and incline our hearts to Your testimonies. Amen.

Have a lovely day saints! xx

*Featured photo gotten from Pexels.


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