The Refiner

Hey, it's been a minute, hasn't it? I took a mini break of not putting unnecessary stress on myself to be consistent by posting daily on this blog when my quiet time was suffering from consistency. I had to ask myself a question that basically explored why I tried so hard to deliver to the … Continue reading The Refiner

Note to Self #4

Hey Hephi, 7th of April 2020, you wrote these questions to me when our discipler was speaking to you. So having met up with her today and being asked similar questions by she and her husband, I want to reiterate the questions again. What makes you you? What do people think about when they think … Continue reading Note to Self #4

Pressing On

It is in those times, those times of weakness, feelings of not feeling like, those times when the desire is not there, that we need to press on all the more, even more than normal because it is in those moments that we see the devil trying to win. He wants to make us believe lies and push us further away from the truth, further away from Christ.