Living for Christ?

Today’s sermon got me thinking…Am I truly living my life in a way that would point people to Christ?

The way I not so nicely responded to my friend who once again bailed out on church, was that Christ like?

The way I always lose my head over little issues and constantly complain, is that reflecting the life of Christ?

Am I exhibiting the patience that Christ displayed while here on earth, to unbelievers around me and even people who are deceived into thinking they are saved, am I?

Am I truly living for Christ?

By God’s grace, I am. It can be so easy to fall out but by the Spirit’s strength, leading and urging to turn back to Him everytime I fall, I am.

This is in no way a license to sin, because then I deem the grace of God useless. My flesh is at war with my spirit but in Christ, I prevail over the schemes of the devil.

I sin, but I am not living in sin. I am living in Christ and it is by the Spirit, by the grace of God, that I live and keep in step with it.

Have a good night loves xx


5 thoughts on “Living for Christ?

  1. I wish folks will have an understanding of God’s grace (and of course salvation) as you do. The knowledge of God’s Word continues to grow in in hearts, influence our conducts and, through us, is communicated to others.

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