I don’t know why I seem to have the issue of constant worry.

It has started creeping into my heart again; doubting my salvation.

I find myself praying for my sister to be released fom legalism but then again, I find myself worrying if I’m on the right path, if I am simply hardening my heart. But I know I’m not. I just want to be fully assured and not find myself earning my way towards salvation.

The devil is wicked 😦


I’m off to studying again!

Have a beautiful night loves xx


4 thoughts on “Worry

  1. Hello Serena, I trust your day is coming along well.

    The scriptures are solely concerning salvation by faith in Christ. Meanwhile, one of those things a diligent studying of it is going to achieve is to birth conviction in a man’s heart. Such a man (in Christ) won’t merely have a head knowledge of salvation. Rather, he’ll come to full/accurate/precise understanding of who saved him; how he did it; the reliability and perfection of what he did, his (the man’s) part in it and the impact of what he did on him. God did something for you in Christ (in his death, burial and resurrection) – salvation. He did this when you were deep dead in sin – you didn’t even know you needed salvation at the time. He did that job once and for all, thereby accomplishing eternal redemption for you (the minute you believed). If you didn’t do anything (other than to believe) to merit his sacrifice or perform certain activities to acquire his salvation, what makes you think you’ll ever have to do anything to keep what he did eternally.

    What God did for you, nothing can undo – not even the wrongs you’ve done, are doing or going to do. If it takes some wrong to make God ‘strike out your salvation’, then his sacrifice would have been redundant and worthless after all. Feed on your reality in Christ – let that knowledge overwhelm you and influence your consciousness. You are what the word says you are for there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ.

    There is more to this. I hope a proper channel to communicate this better will open up soon.


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  3. I don’t even know how to thank you but I say thank you and thank you again for your words of assurance. Thank you sooooo much! I will keep on feeding on who Jesus is in my life and let that plus, who He says He is and has done, continually transform my life. Once saved, always saved! The very fact that I ponder about these things is proof of the Holy Spirit working in my life and convicting me. Thank you so much! Thank you once again!

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