Getting Things Done

Today was a productive day. I am happy.

But I am very tired though. So tired I’ve got another headache and my left eye has been pulsing for the past nine hours or so.

Thankfully, like I had earlier implied, I got some work done, met up with my friend, Britt and finished up the book of Galatians that we’ve been on, ‘on-and-offingly’ since last year November or so.

It was filled, I’ll tell you that. One take away that I got was that we are saved by grace, not by the law, so we live by and keep in step with the Spirit and not live by the flesh, because we are God’s children; heirs to the promise of eternal life. And so we boast in the cross of the Lord that we have this life. Praise God.

I am free, so I use my freedom for the good of others and using to serve in the Spirit and not in the flesh, meaning I am now free to live by the Spirit and not be chained to death through the law.

Have a good night loves x


8 thoughts on “Getting Things Done

    1. I have and will again 😊 thank you so much! Yesss! Galatians is so filled! My friend and I will be moving on to 2 Corinthians 😍 Indeed! I wish you God’s grace, strength, wisdom and mercy as you read Colossians! Amen

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      1. Thank you Hephzibah. I’ve not studied 2 Corinthians but I look forward to that day. God’s blessings unto you too. Spending time with the Lord is sweet. A time that’s never wasted 🙌🏿😊


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