What a peculiar creation,

Adding colour to the food of a nation

In tasting, they do not withhold,

Adding flavour in taste, being bold


Yet, they cause tears to flow;


They sting the eyes but we do not flee,

It seems we’ve found the key:

We recognize the beauty in the pain

We know the suffering is not in vain


After all, we know it’s for a good cause;

For to enjoy the taste, there are no laws

And so we press on through the sting,

Looking on to the joy the taste would bring


Did you see spot a good news in this?

It would be a sad thing to miss!

– Hephzibah

*featured picture source: KIBSONS


2 thoughts on “oNiOnS

  1. 👌Such a perfect analogy/metaphor . Couldn’t have been better explained in lines. The gospel births delight and live. Its ministration is however not always a walk in the park. But because we know its eternal value, we press on.

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    1. I don’t know about perfect but thank you😭✊🏽this means a lot! Indeed, we go through trials but we press on because of God enabling us to and also helping us remember the eternal value of it! ❤❤❤

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