I was away, but Happy New Year

I was away for about 6 months. I didn’t update on here except my testimony, which I was told to delete by someone of higher authority in my family, due to the fact that my former identity put out there was not suitable for a lady’s image. It was tough deciding what to do. If I should obey my earthly superiors or stick to sharing a testimony that will help others? With the help of friends and family, I was able to take it down since it will not hinder me from sharing my testimony in person or stop me from serving other people in different ways.

That being said, if you want to read up my testimony in details, please contact me here and I will email the document to you!

About last year though; it was pretty mixed for me. I loved the lockdown even though it was the time that revealed my deep issue with food and body image, to the extent of having a tiny ounce of a suicidal thought but it quickly passed, thank God. Moreover, I witnessed occasions/events that I choose to call miracles in my life that blew me away. I was also able to get closer to friends and family, form new relationships with dorm mates in university, and try out new ways of eating that I never thought I would have (WFPB). I went through the whole Bible by reading and/or listening to it in a condensed period of time, as I clearly had a lot of free time during the summer (more on that later, God willing).

My birthday celebration on the 30th of December was the best ever yet, due to the messages and the effort put in by my friends. I summarize what happened on this IG post. Ibukun Ayansola has been a great brother in Christ to me, displaying Jesus’ love by breaking down some areas I had confusion with and taking his time out to email me when I was dormant for a long time on WordPress. Sir, thank you. If by the time you’re reading this, I haven’t yet replied, I will reply soon. Thank you for being a light to this world. Queen Karen can testify to this too.

My prayer for you this year is that you know God more. That God will give you the strength to comprehend the love of Christ and live it out. Nonetheless, thank you all for being patient with me, if you stayed while I was away. I hope during this year, I can be more consistent in displaying the work and love of Christ through my posts.

Happy New Year people. I truly wish you a great year ahead xx.


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