Laying it Out

Written Jan 4 2020. Things have been weighing on my heart. Things about mistakes, things that should not have been that I have caused to be. Even though the year is still fresh, my memories did not go through a reset. Memories of feelings are still there, memories of the things that tempt me still … Continue reading Laying it Out


It was Easy

It was easy. Easy to baffle why the police could do such. Easy to call their acts terrible and easy to label them as criminals. However, it is still the truth of the matter. But, it’s like I had almost forgotten how humans could be. That external display of wickedness is just an expression of … Continue reading It was Easy

A Heart to Heart w. my Sister | LOVE

What I have been trying to do, is turn myself into a person who wouldn't voice out my true thoughts to people (apart from my sister majorly), for the sake of a quiet and gentle spirit. There are times that call for speaking up and there are also times when we need to let some things go. There is a time for a stern tone and also, for a calm tone. A stern tone is not necessarily sinful and bad and likewise, a calm tone is not necessarily peaceful and loving. However, it is hard to find a balance. And my sister agrees too. But we're on this journey together. When I fall short, may God help me either personally, through others or through her and likewise in her case. I am glad for Community and praise God, this is a blood related one.