Gifted ft. Photo Dump

Hey! Pretty random but I had my birthday exactly a month ago, and decided to share the shoot I did for it, on here. And guess what? Every piece of visible clothing you see me putting on, except the blue skirt, in all sets, was a gift. In fact, it wouldn't be a far stretch … Continue reading Gifted ft. Photo Dump

Seeking Salvation

This night, as I do occasionally, I felt the weight of death. The dead state of people because they do not know Christ, is what I mean. I cried and felt hurt because it seemed so hopeless. I really just wanted my friend to be saved already. Partly because I myself was afaid of putting … Continue reading Seeking Salvation


I don't know why I seem to have the issue of constant worry. It has started creeping into my heart again; doubting my salvation. I find myself praying for my sister to be released fom legalism but then again, I find myself worrying if I'm on the right path, if I am simply hardening my … Continue reading Worry