Note to Self #4

Hey Hephi, 7th of April 2020, you wrote these questions to me when our discipler was speaking to you. So having met up with her today and being asked similar questions by she and her husband, I want to reiterate the questions again. What makes you you? What do people think about when they think … Continue reading Note to Self #4

Give me Life

All that I am, You teach me, You help me to understand. So You lead me, and incline my heart. You turn my eyes. You remold me. You give me life and give me a reason to live by confirming me to your promises. Hence, I fear you. I don't want Your wrath to burn against me so turn it away from me, because Your rules are good, and I will keep them. I long for them Lord. In the very being that You are, in Your character of righteousness, give me life.