Upholding All Things

With anxieties and fears tempted to stretch And scares and worries lengthened to a series "During this pandemic" As they would say Who to look to, Who to confide in? The One in Whom, there is no sin. For sin births distrust in the Truth But Truth remains faithful to uphold Upholding all things, by … Continue reading Upholding All Things


Health Rut

Hey, it's me again and I feel like a mess. You're probably tired of me talking about my struggles all the time, but I feel weird, stuck, impulsive, yet in a state of inertia, unable to do anything productive. My room is a terrible mess, my clothes are scattered, my eating habits are bad bad, … Continue reading Health Rut


I don't know why I seem to have the issue of constant worry. It has started creeping into my heart again; doubting my salvation. I find myself praying for my sister to be released fom legalism but then again, I find myself worrying if I'm on the right path, if I am simply hardening my … Continue reading Worry