Shifting the Focus

I suppose learning of His character and His testimony, would help me to understand better how to love like He loves, in service to others; would teach me how to bask in His overflowing love and hence, joyfully live a life pleasing to Him because I understand why He instructs me to live the way I should. It is how I can truly live freely, walking in the path designed for the purpose to which He brought me to this earth.

A Heart to Heart w. my Sister | LOVE

What I have been trying to do, is turn myself into a person who wouldn't voice out my true thoughts to people (apart from my sister majorly), for the sake of a quiet and gentle spirit. There are times that call for speaking up and there are also times when we need to let some things go. There is a time for a stern tone and also, for a calm tone. A stern tone is not necessarily sinful and bad and likewise, a calm tone is not necessarily peaceful and loving. However, it is hard to find a balance. And my sister agrees too. But we're on this journey together. When I fall short, may God help me either personally, through others or through her and likewise in her case. I am glad for Community and praise God, this is a blood related one.

Letting Go to Love

"Am I really doing this for the glory of God or for personal gain?" That's a question that's really hard for me to answer and requires a lot of sorting out and scrutinizing a variety of my reasonings and actions. Nevertheless, I know I can love my faithful Creator and subsequently His creation, all by His strength so I don't rely on my meagre capabilities.