Note to Self #6

Hey Hephi, You are in a weird place. The year has almost gone by, memories have been made, some life stages have been accomplished, things that needed to pass have passed. Even so, time with the Lord has tremendously gotten better compared to the first half of the year, and you're learning to depend more … Continue reading Note to Self #6

Reflect, Restate, Repent

Was I wrong or was I right?Should I have toned down or was it rightly deserved?Do I need to apologise or am I being too hard on myself?Is there nothing better that could have been said, or was it good enough? No No matter what, there is always something betterSomething better than not speakingSomething better … Continue reading Reflect, Restate, Repent

Note to Self #1

Hey Hephi, You don't have to show things to people in order to validate an experience, activity, progress, or achievement. It is okay that it has happened. It is enough that only the people involved, you and God know about it. Get comfortable with not being seen (by people, that is). Love, Serena