I am reluctant to do a lot of things these days that pertain to spiritual disciplines. The thing is, I'm working through joyful obedience as opposed to faithless obedience, for it is impossible to please God without faith. Moreover, anything thing done without faith is sin, as the Bible teaches. So even the external conformities to God's commandments do nothing and please God in no way if my heart is not inclined towards Him. This is what I am learning through John Piper speaking getting his knowledge from God's Word.

Allusions in The Chronicles of Narnia

I loved the part when Aslan kissed one of the children with strength, equipping him for the journey he set him off on. And when things were so discouraging, hard and temptation so enticing to give in to, what would keep him going is the look of compassion he saw in the eyes of Aslan, convincing him that truly, Aslan understood his pain and loved him and his mother, possibly even more than he himself loved her.

The Uphill Battle

Our Christian walk is supposed to be a positive straight incline. However, because of our constant struggles with sin, it will be like an uphill battle with dips here and there. There would be times when we don't feel the desire to go to God or obey Him but we still do so, with somewhat intense struggles. Those times are reminders of our weakness, because we realise once again, that we can't do this on our own. We need the Holy Spirit, for God's strength is made perfect in our weakness. Moreover, there would be times when the desire would be on a high and so she'd eat up as much as she can of His Word and treasure it, because she knows everyday wouldn't always be as rosy as those days.