Note to Self #4

Hey Hephi, 7th of April 2020, you wrote these questions to me when our discipler was speaking to you. So having met up with her today and being asked similar questions by she and her husband, I want to reiterate the questions again. What makes you you? What do people think about when they think … Continue reading Note to Self #4

Burst of Doing

This year, I've been feeling the internal burst of energy to do something new. Learn a new skill. Take an actual out-of-school course about my health. Become bilingual, at least. Try something new with my blog. Put in the effort to get a job. Save up. Study each week. Make a story telling video about … Continue reading Burst of Doing

Shifting the Focus

I suppose learning of His character and His testimony, would help me to understand better how to love like He loves, in service to others; would teach me how to bask in His overflowing love and hence, joyfully live a life pleasing to Him because I understand why He instructs me to live the way I should. It is how I can truly live freely, walking in the path designed for the purpose to which He brought me to this earth.