Christ the Light

I see the shining lights as I pass the night, Sight lingers till dawn, hope I might see. Up comes the sun and bright are its rays, Reminds me of the creator, The Lord Jesus Christ. - Hephzibah and Wezi


I will eat. Eat what? Eat food, as I should. But my food is not only physical, But Spiritual, in doing the will Of my Father, that’s my food Because in that, my soul is renewed. . - Hephzibah.

Take it Slow

Breathe in. Breathe out. Take a breath. The Lord is in control, do not fear such death. The losing of jobs, the losing of life; Keep hanging on and don't lose strife. . Listen to the Word, Listen to the Lord; Speak to Him, don't wallow in mud. He understands much and cares for you … Continue reading Take it Slow