Authentic Beauty

Holding onto the facade of beauty Succumbing to the lies of a false reality Too meager of a thing to trust in For genuineness lies deep-rooted within . You know not what you behold By merely looking upon the surface For inward lets the truth unfold And in Christ, authenticity by grace Hephzibah

Thinking Things Through

Am I keeping my lamp burning? Am I keeping myself from sinning? Am I actively living in repentance? Or am I misusing His fullness of grace? I truly need to ask, "what really, is my stance?" . Searching for words to soothe my ears Looking for things to support my fears Ignoring the truth for … Continue reading Thinking Things Through

Made Anew

I have been made anew by the Spirit Regenerated, transformed, Born-Again Cleansed, Purified and being Sanctified Enabling in me the first act, To believe, repent, and trust in God So to Him, belongs all the glory Forever and ever, Amen.