Music for My Soul

Music helps me. Music motivates me. Music elevates my spirit. Music energizes my soul. Music is definitely one tool that God has used to encourage my heart.

I have mentioned before that I love dancing, mostly upbeat songs but I also like slow types as well. But because I enjoy upbeat, I am met with the struggle of what songs I should listen to.

Listening to and singing secular songs do not sit well with me. However, I am easing more into it, by checking the lyrics of some to see if they elevate something God is not pleased with. Sometimes I am aware the song I would soon be listening to would not be a lyrically sound one, but just because I want to satisfy the craving of my flesh to enjoy and dance to the beats, I go ahead and enter the cycle of guilt thereafter.

So praise be to God that there have been an increasing amount of Christian music that are upbeat, lyrically sound and sweet to listen to as well, which I genuinely enjoy. But I know I also have to be careful that I am not just listening to music mainly for the beats all the time, but the lyrics because that matters more.

Lyrics are really a powerful thing, and instruments as well, well combined beautifully. When I am feeling down and want some words of encouragement, apart from the Word, prayer, words of advice from friends and so on, I resort to music. People like the Gettys, Sovereign Grace Music, Audrey Assad have produced tremendously excellent pieces, uplifting the church, encouraging the soul, praying the heart, lamenting with praise and things like these. If you have the time, do check out their music (if you’re checking out Audrey Assad, I highly recommend her Inheritance Album where she sings popular hymns with her own twist to it).

I love hymns, I love love it. It soothes me. Perhaps what adds is that I love singing, as well as harmonizing, so you can probably tell that I am very expectant towards the singing sessions during Church service. Again, as with dancing, this is not so say that I am good at it but I would really love to improve!

Moving on though, I have no particular genre I stick to. It depends on my mood and/or what music I feel like introducing to people. I have been told by people that my music choices do not exactly correlate with me because when I choose to play some of the music on my Spotify, they are the somewhat slow ones. They expect a hyperactive person to be upbeaty, and I do not blame them, because as I mentioned before, I do love me some beats, but I also love me some calm tunes. I love me some inbetween, as well as some rap. And speaking of rap, Beautiful Eulogy, Jackie Hill Perry, and Shai Linne do a great job in this field. Yes, these are Christian artists as well!

Okay, okay, you don’t like rap and are more on the slow side? How about some Scripture Lullabies? (SO GOOD) Or perhaps the Lullabies for the Beloved album? The former helped me during studying and just thinking through hard thoughts, and the second helped me with sleep and some calm. Both stirred my heart in a peaceful joy filled manner. So good, I tell you, so good.

So that’s it for music people! I hope you enjoy my recommendations and/or share in the comment section if you’ve already listened to some of the music released by these people, or some of the albums suggested.

I hope you have a lovely day! xx


2 thoughts on “Music for My Soul

  1. 😎I’m not sure we are from the same planet judging from your kind of playlist. 😀 Perhaps i’m behind the times in that direction.

    Music is second nature for me though. I do it a lot: Listen, sing and sometimes compose. Meanwhile, while the bulk of my playlist is of the gospel genre, I have a select few of secular artistes I listen to. Of course, I’m intentional about the content and therefore not a cult follower of any. For instance, of a 15-track album, I may find just 1/2 that makes sense to me and trash the rest. I do good music.

    Thank God for Hillsong! The group is God’s gift to me (and I believe) to the body of Christ at large. Bethel Music and Jesus Culture, among other solo artistes, will be all time favorites as well.


  2. Man I love your selection! I listen to almost all those artists and I was probably way too excited to see that you do too😂.
    I do want to add some others that I think are good as well. All sons and daughters especially their album Poets and Saints. Then there is Citizens previously known as Citizens and Saints, my favourite album is A mirror dimly. Then there is Kings Kaleidoscope, oh how I love them. Particularly taken at the moment with the song Safe retreat. Then there is the modern post, Shane & Shane, Cityalight.

    There some artists that are Christian but don’t particularly sing gospel music but I think they are just as good and connecting especially when you hear the stories behind them including Joseph Solomon’s album Find Me; Natalie Lauren’s album Handle with Care and Janette McGhee’s album (gospel), Not my Own. So if you do have a listen also listen to the stories behind them for those that have stories behind them.

    I’m so very thankful for such good music within the Christian sphere and I pray to hear more!


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