Gifted ft. Photo Dump

Hey! Pretty random but I had my birthday exactly a month ago, and decided to share the shoot I did for it, on here. And guess what? Every piece of visible clothing you see me putting on, except the blue skirt, in all sets, was a gift. In fact, it wouldn’t be a far stretch to say even the shoot was a gift.

I received so many gifts on my birthday. My sister went above and beyond that day. My friends out did themselves and surprised me at my discipler’s home, who lied that she and her husband were going to take me out for dinner, only to be shook at what they had all been planning for days behind my back. This same discipler is the lady who took these pictures. She’s one of my closest friend and has been one of the best friends I have ever had in my entire life, and this is coming from a somewhat baby human who never imagined having a friend 12 years older than her.

I mentioned having received so many gifts on my birthday, but I received so much a few months before it too, of which a camera with extra lens and a journaling Bible were part (imagine my joy).

Even though I received all these gifts, I don’t mean to be cliché but the greatest gift I have ever received is salvation and the Holy Spirit living within me.

Thank You Father for friends, and Thank You for You. xx

To check out more photos from these days, and more details about the beautiful things that happened, you can check the first two grid rows of my IG account.


2 thoughts on “Gifted ft. Photo Dump

  1. Happy Birthday (in arrears) Serena! It’s a blessed new year – filled with pleasant surprises.

    Your path shines brighter. Your steps are ordered of the Lord. You work in God’s ordained plan for you. You stand perfect and complete in the will of God. Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord. You excel in all you do in the natural. It’s your best year yet.

    Trust you’re doing great.

    P.S. Good to read something from you again. Stumbled on this post on your Facebook page. Didn’t know you were back to writing. I’ve always had notification on for your posts.


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