Reflect, Restate, Repent

Was I wrong or was I right?
Should I have toned down or was it rightly deserved?
Do I need to apologise or am I being too hard on myself?
Is there nothing better that could have been said, or was it good enough?


No matter what, there is always something better
Something better than not speaking
Something better than shouting out
Something better, depending on the situation
For it is foolish to think perfection has been attained

Think, reflect, meditate
Realise your wrongs, write down the rights
Walk through your thought processes
Trace the heart of your responses
For even silence is a response of it’s own.

The heart is desperately wicked and deceitful
Neglect thorough search and
grounding it in an all Gracious and Truthful source,
And you will find yourself living a bitter, lost life.



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