Note to Self #3

Hey Hephi,

Today you were released from Quarantine. You experienced what it was like to be physically free again, free from being stuck in your dorm room, not being allowed to walk on the corridor or go to the kitchen. The indeed beautiful physical feeling of being free, but don’t you want to be free mentally? In your mind and heart, there is a war. You are living an enslaved life to sin, yet you want to serve the Father and sometimes live in service to Him. So the knot trapping you in sin is loosening, but one of the major issues is that you’re too consumed in yourself; how you look, how others view you, how you struggle with things. You easily burst out in anger, or frustration, letting the actions of other people control your mind and how you think of yourself.

I know you’ve not lost sight of what, or rather, Who sets us free, but He’s in your peripheral vision, and not the focus. And so I want to challenge You, that for the next 7 days, you will seriously work on making Him -God, your focus. And you clearly know that the only way you can do that is if He does it in your heart first, so pray, and pray hard. Pray seriously. Choose to not be weighed down by failures and press on. Look forward to what lies ahead and work on holding true to the righteousness of Christ that you have already attained. You will not be a slave to sin. You will not allow sin to win. Jesus will win. Jesus has won. Who the Son has set free is free indeed. But of course, the reality of living in a fallen world is that for those that have found the Light and live in it, there is a constant battle with darkness. So while you are free, you are still enslaved. But you are getting freed and will finally be freed on the day of Jesus’ coming.

Did you notice I said, “you are getting”? You will not be the person breaking the chains. You are not able to loosen the knot. Absolutely not. You mean to tell me that you thought you can get over your distorted view of your body and your terrible eating habits, on your own? You also entertained the impossibility that the boldness to tell of the gospel to friends and random people could come from your inner bred strength? WhAT? you mean to tell me that you actually- We are not even going to talk more about this. Like sis, just think about where that has gotten you so far. At least you know better now.

You know that you can only be truly free, spiritually and mentally when the chains that bound you in sin are completely broken by Christ. You know that He that is in you is greater than he that is in the world. So fight sin Hephi, fight it, for Jesus has overcome the world, and that includes sin, my friend.




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