Burst of Doing

This year, I’ve been feeling the internal burst of energy to do something new. Learn a new skill. Take an actual out-of-school course about my health. Become bilingual, at least. Try something new with my blog. Put in the effort to get a job. Save up. Study each week. Make a story telling video about my life. Finish at least 5 books this year. So many things, yet where am I in accomplishing these? laughs in clown. I’m trying for some though, but during the process at times, I forget something vital.

The hallowing of God’s Name.

You see, these aren’t bad things to desire though but I have seen that sometimes when I chase some of these things, I seem to neglect what is most important. Learning a new course or skill and pushing away time with God, or perhaps with the search of jobs. Even with saving up, I can choose to neglect my health and starve so I can save up even though that would not be taking care of my body, which glorifies God. Trying to finish up a book fast and not letting the edifying Word-based content seep and bear fruit in my life. I just want to turn the pages so I can add to my list of personal accomplishments. As with languages too even. I can forget that I am choosing to learn the language so I can communicate better with people, to get the gospel across more easily to those who don’t speak English. And even to communicate better with people in general, friends, school authorities, future bosses and so on. Even more so that I stay in the UAE. But I start looking at learning a new language as a CV enhancer; another tool to get what I want, and not what would help others.

So this is a reminder to myself to not forget why God first and foremost brought me into this earth: to reverence Him in all areas of my life.


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