Sleep Paralysis

Today was a weird day. I experienced, yet again, another episode of sleep paralysis.

I wrote down everything I could remember upon waking up which took almost 20 minutes, and I was writing fast. A lot, yet not so much, happened which confuses me.

I don’t want to bore you with the details and how scattered I narrate things, so to sum it all up, this is what happened:

After having a dream where a lot of things happened and I was finally in the scene where I was glad I was holding a guy’s hand (stoopid. I know), I was suddenly moved into the paralyzed state. Those hands that seemed to hold his hand, seemed to be locked together yet at my sides frozen. And there was this horned white faced figure in front of my face which I was barely able to see because either I was afraid of opening my eyes for fear of it coming closer each time, or that it was a struggle to open my eyes. So yeah, after trying to hard to let go, scream the name of Jesus, hit the creature in front of me, it only ended up with me hitting my head with the device I threw, and managing to sing out in small voices a popular Nigerian Christian devotion song. It was a hassle. I was struggling to get out of that position. My mouth was probably vibrating so much from the force of trying to mouth words. And what was scary was that it was in the position that I was before I slept. So it felt so real. I then decided to roll myself over into the ground, with a pillow to protect my already bad knees. Then…

I woke up.


I find out that something is indeed hovering over my head, and it’s my blanket, with patterns of floral lines and background colours that I could see being turned into that demonic head that I was paralyzed into thinking was over me. I see that my hands did not even try to grab anything. Or maybe they did, I do not know. I didn’t even thoroughly check for signs of struggle. I just felt scared. My mouth felt “vibraty” if that makes any sense, as proof as though it really happened. Or maybe it was a psychological sensation. I don’t know. All I know was that I never liked these episodes.

It had been a while since I experienced sleep paralysis, even before I knew that was the name. I used to think it was a demonic attack since I can’t shout anything. And it always always always seems like a demonic figure is on top of me, pressing me down and taking my voice so I can’t speak. Jesus always seems to be the name I want to call out but cannot, even when I wasn’t actively following Him.

At this point, I don’t even know what triggers it. I had good sleep last night. A good eight hours. But I would admit, I recently changed my sleep schedule which is probably why. Oh well. I really hope I don’t have it again. But I’m thankful to God that it never causes physical damage to me, even mental to. Maybe just a few scary memories here and there. Lol.

Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis before? Please let me know below and if you wish to share, how it happened, the amount of times you’ve gone through it, and/or your feelings when you experienced it!

My first time asking for engagement but I am genuinely curious and want to know more about my viewers!

Have a lovely day, or evening, wherever you may be! xx


6 thoughts on “Sleep Paralysis

  1. I’ve experienced it a few times. Praying does help if the fear is overwhelming but sometimes I woke up and simply know I’m paralyzed but haven’t sensed the other in the room yet so I try to focus on my moving just one finger. If I manage that, then mobility slowly returns before I have a full on frightening experience.


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