With a day filled with CV formulating, and job searches as well as applications, it is only natural that someone’s heart feels discouraged. The worry of wondering, “What if all this will be in vain?” “Should I even try?” “Would they just thwart my hard work in the bin due to viewing it as another ‘useless piece of paper’?” “Why go through all this stress when I’m not even sure I will get it?”

While I internalized a few of these thoughts such as “would I even get it?” “this feels like such a tedious process that may most likely yield nothing”, my friend voiced out some of her worries as to why she couldn’t even start working on her CV even though she desired to get a job. She relayed some of the worries mentioned above when my other friend, let’s say friend B, asked her why. She lacked motivation and didn’t exactly see why she should try if it may go to waste at the end of the day. But then,

Friend B told her something along the lines of:

It doesn’t matter. That’s how things are in life. We do the needed work to yield the result and leave it to God to produce the yielding; to produce the fruit, if it be His will. Even though we put all our effort in life, tailoring up the best CVs and using such suitable words to apply, it doesn’t guarantee our acquiring of the job. But we should be wise and put in the work.

I don’t know what exactly changed in my friend’s heart but sis started working on that CV. Went to LinkedIn and sent out connection requests, filled in some of the needed details and researched how other people did theirs. Got help over CVs from friend B and she went on building it, I believe trusting in the Lord to bring to fruition whatever He pleases.

She was the motivation for this blog post today so if you’re seeing this girl, thank you for being encouraged. And friend B, thank you for being a vessel of Christ reminding us to be hardworking whilst also trusting in our faithful and Sovereign God who works all things together for the good of those who love Him.

Have a lovely day, or night, wherever you may be xx.

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5 thoughts on “CVs

  1. I can relate to this. I am currently job hunting and like my friend will say job search is a job on its own. It’s tedious and for me most battles I have has to fight is psychological “the what ifs” but I keep praying and pushing. I guess in due time we would get the answers we are waiting for.

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    1. Indeed, in due time, we would get the answers we need! God is our strength, comfort, provider, and sustainer. He is a good Father and will not withhold anything that will be good for His children in the moment.

      Thank you for reading Mr/Ms!

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