Preparing to Jog

I started jogging a few days ago and my last jog was this morning. This morning’s own had less painful effects on my calf, probably because I stretched, even though for a little amount of time, before jogging. Or maybe because this is my third time running this week. Either way, some preparation for the job made it easier for me to even go longer distances today without much painful side effects.

I could somewhat relate this event to the Word. While I set times to jog, I don’t know when I would need to run in an impromptu but because I’ve been regularly jogging and stretching, it would be much easier to do than if I was sedentary. Likewise, there are situations in my life that I would have planned ahead in how I should walk in wisdom according to the Word, but it’s not everytime I know when and where I would need to apply the Word in my life, but the application is made easier if I am continually saturated in the Word. The Holy Spirit brings to mh remembrance the things I have been taught in the Bible and gives me the strength to apply it. The more I listen and act in accordance to the prompting and conviction of the Holy Spirit, the easier it is to recognize His leading and walk in light of it. It is a cycle. I prepare, I apply, I prepare more to apply even more. And so it goes.

Amazing how many events in life can help us see how God works in our own lives. I don’t know which other god (I know they don’t even exist, but for the sake of other people’s worldviews, we shall assume a possibility) is as purposeful and intentional as my beautiful Father.

Have a lovely day, or night, wherever you may be xx.


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