A Short Story

Once upon a time, there was a girl who thought she was good in her own sense until she met someone who viewed her good as bad and his good as the good. Then this guy met another person who viewed both of them’s good as bad and his own as the good one and it continued this way till everyone in the town had their own subjective way of viewing good.

Until one person asked, “just what is good?”

Of course, various people started shouting out what their own version of good was and the person who asked, said, “then there must be something wrong. Each one has their own view of good, when it should be an objective thing rather than subjective. Good should then be defined by someone who is higher than all of us as humans, because it seems to me that we can’t seem to be able to decide for ourselves what it is for the ultimate betterment for everyone in this town. We seem to be biased based on what we desire and have experienced. At the heart of things, we care mostly for our personal selves and generally view ourselves as right. There must be something wrong with us.”

And dear people, as I end this story, I agree with the person who asked. Good has to be defined by someone who is not like us but understand us and can dictate what is the ultimate best for us all. And you wanna know who that is? God.

Only God can say who is good or who is not, by His own standards alone because He is the only One worthy enough to do so, as He is holy, not depraved in mentality, and not sinful in the least bit, hence why He is not biased and cannot be. And people, do you know what He says about us as humans? He says we’re not good. Our hearts are wretched. Our hearts are wicked. We lie, we unconsciously steal, we hate, we covet, we envy, amongst the other sinful things we do. This is an unusual post of mine but I want to use it as a medium to pass across to you that if you think you’re good, check again. God says otherwise. And because no matter what the do, we cannot earn a His reward of good living.

But through His Son, Jesus who sacrificed His life for us, we can now be credited with His good; His righteous life lived. Because without His death and resurrection, we’re basically hopeless.

So I urge you, with great care and love, to repent of your sins and trust in this good King who gave His life as a ransom for us who were enslaved to sin and knew no good. Now because of Him, we know good and can become good. Not of our own doing, lest any man should boast but through Him and Him alone. He starts it and He finishes it.

Have a lovely day Saints! 💫

For some reason, WordPress did not sync the ending of this post. So I just finished it now…about 40 minutes after it’s publication time. So I apologize if any of you encountered its incomplete state. I had to reformulate the ending because I lost the files. I hope it doesn’t do this to me again. Thank you for understanding!


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