Long Time Offenders and the Good News

I thought I could escape. I really thought I could, by going off Instagram. 

And although going off has mentally helped me in some ways and has physically aided my self-discipline and time efficiency, I’m still met with some of the massive hate I was seeing at every story turn, feed refresh and posts scrolls, on other social media apps, even Whatsapp!

Not that I’m surprised though.

-and not that I’m unaffected by the crisis. I am.

But there is a level of recognition as a Christian who was born black that I have reached and that is the fact that there will never be world peace. Here on this earth, that is.

And don’t get me wrong. I am against injustice.

I am not happy about the lack of fairness in this world and the pain people had to go through as recipients of the wretched heart of man. But, through all the chaos happening in the world, I am able to realise how people can be mad over injustice and how blinded they are towards God as well; how, without the hand of God’s intervention, this world would be gone and what we see now wouldn’t just be an iota of what would have been. Without God taking control and limiting people to how far we would sin, we would have witnessed much worse. 

And imagine. Just imagine how God, our Creator who is fully holy, must feel toward it all. If we, His creation that are infinitely far from being as holy as He is can feel this much anguish over the terrible physical things going on at the moment, how much more God? 


He hears. He sees. He knows. He is in control.

Those truths may be hard to sit with and chew on but it is what it is. He is still working and acting in ways we cannot see. Things we cannot see. Yes. That’s right. We also hope too. 

For in this hope we were saved. Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees? But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.

Romans 8: 24-25 ESV

What a blessing it is to be able to hope for better things ahead; better times promised to come. We rejoice in our suffering because of hope. We know our joy is not hinged on present circumstances but in what is to come. This hope that we have is not put to shame because God’s love is poured into our hearts by the Spirit through our Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 5).

So dear friends in Christ, while we may make various methods to spread awareness of the current happenings in the world, and grieve with the physically hurt, let us not forget that this world is not our home. My friend the other day helped me see that, forgetting the fact that the world is our home but for a little while, leads us to make many means to try and make our temporary stay the most comfortable it can be, instead of looking forward to the assured comfort that is not of this world.

The Good News; The Gospel

Referring now to my other readers that have not come to know the love of Christ, I need you to know that there is something much more worse than what is going on right now with all the racial and sexual injustice as well as police brutality. 

And that is our sin.

I’m pretty sure you’ve realised that these external displays of corruption stem from the inside. But if you haven’t, you know now. Someone doesn’t just do things. There is always a thought behind it, even though we’ve not realised it. And upon thorough reflection of an action that has been taken, the buried reason as to why they did it will eventually occur to the doer, either now or on the day when we’ll be held accountable by Our Creator.

So while we engage in these protests to put the offenders behind bars, we should realise that we are long time offenders of God’s law in perpetuity, if we live out of Christ. He is truly grieved over sins not only seen by the human eye, but occurring in the human heart. Those immoral, greedy, selfish, hateful, and prideful notions. In as much as you may not care about Him, He cares deeply about you and wants the best for you. 

However, because He is holy, we became separated from Him due to our unholiness and rightfully, He should give us justice as we deserve. If we that are tainted with sin can have a burning desire for justice to be served, how much more qualified is God to serve justice? But Lord be praised, He’s made a way! Because He also loves us so much and is so merciful, He crucified His Only divine Son. Imagine the love!

Yes! There is a path that leads to life out of the darkness found in the world and in ourselves and that’s Jesus Christ.

By placing your trust in our Savior Jesus, believing that God the Father raised Him up from the dead after sacrificing Himself to satisfy the Father’s wrath against all our sin, past, present and future, you will be saved.

Saved from the justice you deserve and in the promised time to come, after this fallen world has passed away, be brought into a new earth and new heavens, where there will no more be sadness, tears, hurt and we will be dwelling with Christ (Revelations 21)! God, who loves us more than any other in this world, will be living with us in that new earth and new heavens.

So indeed. We live by faith and not by sight. 

As this fleeting world remains fleeting, we stay unaffected because we thrive on the hope that is found in Christ, Whom we are being saved into in order that we may bear fruit for the Father’s Kingdom; a Kingdom that cannot be shaken (Hebrews 12).

And this is the good news, amidst all the bad news. Jesus.

Our Response

Such news begs, even demands, a response. So what is the better response of the only two possible ones, with one being to reject it totally? To turn away from your sin and trust in this God who will bring the rightful justice needed, in His infinite wisdom, that man has failed to bring. Repent of your sins and believe in this God who is also so faithful and just to forgive the sins of all those who trust and believe in His Son Jesus, for His glory alone.

I hardly address my readers and usually write in first person but I want to be more engaging, as this is a very significant part of what I hope will become your life -the gospel.

So I ask, what is your response? Do you too want to be a taster of the salvific justice served by God?

I really would hope so. Please think about it and if you have any questions. You can use the comment section or email me.

Have a beautiful day people. xx

*Featured Image is from Pexels.


6 thoughts on “Long Time Offenders and the Good News

  1. Thank you so much for this thought provoking article Hephzibah! Thank you for explaining it all from this amazing angle and perspective. Thank you for opening our eyes. Thank you for yielding! God bless you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad God worked through me! Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this piece with me! And thank you for encouraging me. Thank you so very much. Lord bless you too, Temi 😊♥️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This was so thought-provoking and so needed. The gospel is always relevant and needed. I loved the statement – And this is the good news, amidst all the bad news. JESUS!!!! (BUT GOD)

    Liked by 1 person

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