Shifting the Focus

Looking through the variety of things my friend has poured into me over the past month, I stumbled over one of the things she mentioned when I was, still am, struggling with attention-seeking.

Learn to ponder on the goodness and awe of God, because that’s as close as you can get. You learn that way, to shift your focus off yourself.

Most of our problems in this life come from not comprehending the love of God for us. We don’t live in the goodness or privileges that we have as children of God. Not living in the good of His love. So selfishness and other expressions of depravity stem from not comprehending His love. Even obedience.

Brittany Born

Learn to ponder on the goodness and awe of God, because that’s as close as you can get. Indeed. The Bible, in which God has revealed Himself to us is the most tangible thing we’ve got, because we can’t even trust in experiences. His Word where we can find out all we need to know about this Creator of ours while here on earth, is the closest we can get because we know it’s from Him directly. Pondering upon His revealed revelation of goodness, faithfulness and just jaw-dropping awe of this God that I serve, is part, if not all it takes, to shift focus off myself. Because the vast goodness and character of God can never be fully comprehended while we’re still living on earth (I am not sure how things will be in the afterlife).

And I suppose learning of His character and His testimony, would help me to understand better how to love like He loves, in service to others; would teach me how to bask in His overflowing love and hence, joyfully live a life pleasing to Him because I understand why He instructs me to live the way I should. It is how I can truly live freely, walking in the path designed for the purpose to which He brought me to this earth.

So indeed. Learning to comprehend the love of God for me, inclines me more to my godly design, which is to glorify Him in all that I do, thereby serving others because of Him.

Have a lovely day Saints! xx

*Featured Image is from Pexels.


2 thoughts on “Shifting the Focus

  1. Argh!! All I can say is Hallelujahhhhhh! (imagine me singing all I have is Christ chorus)
    This reminded me of a number of passages in the Bible but mostly of one I have been reading recently with a friend – Jude 1: 20 – 21 and thought I should share this and share how encouraged and joyous this post is. #sistersister

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