Synonym: Unwilligness

I am reluctant to do a lot of things these days that pertain to spiritual disciplines. The thing is, I’m working through joyful obedience as opposed to faithless obedience, for it is impossible to please God without faith. Moreover, anything done without faith is sin, as the Bible teaches. So even the external conformities to God’s commandments do nothing and please God in no way if my heart is not inclined towards Him. This is what I am learning through John Piper speaking getting his knowledge from God’s Word.

So I am just thinking, as my friend is also helping me see, that even if I do these spiritual disciplines but my heart is against it, it is nothing, not that they were anything even before because our works are filthy rags compared to the surpassing work that Jesus accomplished on the Cross.

Yeah, this is what I’m working through. Praying that the Lord helps my unbelief and inclines my heart to All that He is and that He helps me be rooted and grounded in love, so everything I do is because of the love of Christ, for the glory of God the Father.

Have a beautiful day Saints. xx


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