Relationships | Part Two | For His Glory

Haven’t read Part One? Go here.

So where was I? Ah, yes. University.

During my first year of Uni, school was pretty overwhelming, which could be why my mind wasn’t interested in any opposite gender. It could also be that, I was being more careful as I needed to let my words match my actions and truly walk in the Light. However, as time passed into my second year of uni, more precisely, the second semester of my second year, I had an exchange student in two out of my five classes. I do not even recall how we started talking, but it was most likely through our first lab report as lab partners (we were only three students in this class, with four in the lab section).

Mind you, prior to my second year, I was pretty much anti-social and didn’t know how to relate comfortably with people (still struggle with this though). And so I was amazed by how well I got along with this guy, let’s call him ‘guy C.’ I could relate to his jokes because he was black too, from Ethiopia. Even though his speech wasn’t very clean and he clearly had different views from mine, I continued to speak with him. As time went on, we started studying together, meaning more time spent together. As if that wasn’t enough, I joined the track team which he was in. I used to be in the track team in high school but hurt my knees after I graduated, so I pretty much stayed off running but he encouraged me to join the uni track team and so I did. Now, this makes us in four events that regularly happen in our lives, getting me more intertwined with him.

I should have started keeping my distance but I couldn’t. I could give the excuse that it was because of the constant religious conversations we had, which involved talking about Jesus’ identity, the origin of the world, the path to heaven and so much more, but I knew deep down, my heart was getting attached. I felt it was wrong because he was muslim, more like an atheist, but the fact was what it was: he wasn’t a Christian. I mean, that was why we had those conversations. But I prayed for God to open his eyes, to bring him to faith, to help him see the true Light and understand the Gospel. I genuinely prayed these for him, regardless of my feelings, because it seriously hurt me that he was lost. I think I even prayed to God that He should please take away my feelings if that would hinder him from believing the gospel (I think so, but I’m not too sure).

I was grateful for a lot of things though. He asked questions. He was somewhat serious about wanting to know what the truth was, but at the same time, he didn’t want to believe the answers I told him and showed him from the Bible. However, he still came for our university’s bible discussions, when he could and if you would have been there, you would see that he really wanted to understand. We would still debate over issues though but I certainly knew God didn’t make us cross paths as a coincidence or a mistake. The constant banters we had was proof that God was working in his heart. It was frustrating at times though. It was like a never ending squabble, but of course, the Gospel is not triviality.

When we would go on track meets, I made sure not to give up hope and keep the debates going. However, on one of these track meets, I was in his car, along with two others of whom one was an agnostic, and the other, a non-practicing catholic. I can tell you one thing, that car ride was one different breed. I bring up the question of the origin of life and clashing views come from all angles. I would try to explain truth but because their hearts were hardened, they couldn’t understand. I think that car ride was the first time I ever experienced the true burden over lost souls. I silently cried so they wouldn’t see or hear me and later brushed it off, but afterwards, I knew I was not okay. Thankfully, church was the next day but my mood was still not up, so when a friend of mine asked me, that’s when I broke down.

I tried to stop crying but I couldn’t. People were lost and I couldn’t fathom how they couldn’t see the truth.

I explained my burden to her and another lady who was one of the people that God used to help me understand the true gospel. She then told me, God had blessed me with the good burden over the lost. I didn’t feel like the pressure was solely on me to bring them all to faith but there was a weight-like sadness over the fact that people didn’t know the Light I was walking in.

It was a whirlwind semester, with both strenuous course load and emotional load, but it finally came to an end. Guy C and I kind of planned to take up to three courses together the following semester (the semester that just ended a week ago). Well, I can tell you that once again, the Word of God proves true in that, “many are the plans of man, but only God’s purpose prevails.” So yeah, that didn’t happen. I was pretty stoked about it but I took it as God answering my prayers to help me stop having feelings for him.

God used guy C to teach me many things though, of which patience and an understanding of the opposing viewpoint, are the major ones. God is good and intentional though. He used my friendship with him to strengthen my walk with Him. He works thing together for His glory.

I mentioned two guys right? Okay, stay tuned for part three.

Have a lovely day saints! xx


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