Selfless like Christ

Good day everyone! I had my last exam today and I am finally And so as I was finally answering my piled up messages, My sister sent me this:

And yeah, I had a lot to say about it.

Here’s what I said:

So first off, we know of Jesus. We know He came to serve and not be served. People did not willingly serve Him, for those that ended up serving Him. He drew them to Himself.
And so, if we are His followers, we should follow in His footsteps. We should live to serve others and not to be served. Because if Jesus came to be served, then how hopeless would be be right now? He would not have endured through so much hardship for us and He would not have died for us. Because of us, He died. Because of us. Because of us. Because of us. In fact, if He only cared about Himself, He would not have come to this earth, being incarnate as a human, making Him, a God-man.

If we were left to fend for ourselves, we would have no hope.

Jesus, in His loving kindness which is He is full of, or even is, wholly, came to die for us to satisfy the wrath of God against us.

He had literally everything to lose, even the forsaking of His Father, God, yet He still went for it. For if the cup was to pass from Him, it would not be of His will but of the Father’s. Meaning, He willingly gave up His life for us.
And God the Father, caused/allowed this to happen for us. Because He loved us.

We were the ones in the wrong in the long lasting dispute from the sin of Adam, between us and God.
We needed a mediator, as Job even looked for one in his days, to bridge the gap between God and man and Ladies and ladies, look at Jesus. Look at God. The only ever possible mediator. For He had to be like us, in order to bridge it, but also unlike us, because sin cannot unite with holiness.

And so, going back to the point.

Jesus sacrificed His life for us and what even makes His sacrifice tangible and of utmost importance, is the fact that He resurrected. So we know that this Man that claimed to be the Messiah is truly who He says He is. We now know that He crushed sin’s sting, defeating death. And so we also know that on that day, we would also rise, just as He has risen.
And if we claim to believe in what He did, believe that Jesus in indeed Lord, and also claim follow Him (which means taking up your cross daily and dying to self), then we would not live this life for ourselves.

So while I love myself in that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, I focus on loving others because the God-Man that saved me, did the same (lived His life loving others selflessly). It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t serve me. For the sake of let’s say, them coming to faith, I will choose to serve them and love them. For the sake of the Hope to which I have been saved, I will continue to love them. And that even includes sharing the gospel with them, because you would not want someone you love, not to know about this hope that you have.

However, if this is damaging my walk with Christ and continually derailing me off the tracks, hence not growing me, I will cut close relations. However, I will not put a lock on the door against that person and I, because if that’s what Jesus did…yeah, how hopeless would we be? He showed mercy, grace and was patient. And so I will be patient and leave the door slightly open, while keeping my distance and when perhaps, I feel strong enough to talk to that person without possible falling away, I can draw closer. Or if I don’t feel that way/I’m possibly not ever ready to, I don’t think I have to. There is grace. I will not shut him/her out if they try to contact me, but I’d most likely not reach out first.

Oh and doing what naturally makes us happy as sinful creatures, damages us. Which is why in Christ, our desires have to be aligned with His Word. Which I admit, will take time and will not even be complete till on that day that He comes again.

That’s my take.

There are decisions that need to be made in order to solidify your walk in Christ, and although it can be hard at times, because we’re sinful humans, even after salvation, we lean on Christ who’s power is made strong in our weakness, continually taking up our cross and dying daily to self.


Have a lovely day saints!


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