How Much is ‘Too Much’?

Somewhat recently, I have been battling with how much is too much. How much is too much of the posts that I post on Instagram. How much is too much when I talk to people about things happening in my life or when I show them my food that I make everytime? How much is too much when replying people? How much is too much when watching a movie or series or even studying my school books? How much is too much when I post myself and the things going on in my life? How much is too much when I do not even post at all? I How much is too much?

Of these questions, I do have an idea but not too much of an idea of the solid answer. So I want to dig into my Bible to even figure out not only what glorifies God, but what doesn’t as well. I want to know if random posting is aimless since it is not purposeful and adding to the lives of others. And especially in these times, I should be wise in what I share, in that it should be uplifting to the souls of the viewers, in the light of Christ. 

So while it seems my new consistency rate for posting is every three days, it may reduce these next two weeks, because exams are the following week after this next one. So till when we can talk again, I pray you rest in the promises of Jesus, aiming to glorify Him in all that you do.

Stay safe saints!


2 thoughts on “How Much is ‘Too Much’?

  1. Before I post or share a thing on a public platform, I ask myself questions: What good does putting this up do? Is it likely to be misleading? Is it edifying or beneficial for public consumption, etc. If the answer to these questions aren’t in the affirmative, I put it aside regardless of the effort I put into it.

    I wish you good success in your forthcoming exams. Break a leg!

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