If I’m Being Honest…

If I am being honest, my worth base frequently finds itself in wrong places. Not once, not twice, but multiple cases.

I have found myself attaching my worth to deeds done by fallen beings and trivial things, when it should be fixated on the only True Being; the One Eternal King.

Talking to myself, with reminders of truths to counterfeit the false lies rooted deep in my head, just so it dies. Lord please hear my cries.

Or am I really crying out to Him? Am I secretly still seeking validation from men rather than the Son of Man? Claiming I’m giving my all, when all I’m doing is putting one foot in the fire, withholding a full yielding of my desires.

Am I claiming tears when all I do is look and ponder at my sin; no true hunger within to drive it away?

Why am I deceiving myself when I know I have to die to truly live to Christ? My life priced by His blood despite my heart naturally dead to Him, and on the path of destruction.

I have the promise of salvation by grace through faith, hence, broken from the chains of sin and death, yet, sin still battles with me face to face.

The devil tries to disguise sin into a facade of something it is not: right. Hence why it can be so easy to dismiss the lies of my wordly worth, but I know it is sin because all wrongdoing is sin.

It is wrong to identify myself in any other thing apart from Christ, of Who’s sacrifice sufficed, yet I let other things heist His place in my life.

But with strife, self-control and steadfastness, God is dressing me with His glory embedded in my story; the adornment of conformation into His Son, fully completed on that Day, when we will serve none but Him.

Oh that day, when I will be fully dead to sin and no one and no thing contends for the place meant for the Triune Lord of my life. With my eyes, shall I behold the goodness of God, who will reward me for something that is solely His doing: transforming me from mud.

I wait; wait in hardwork and diligence, with failings in between, the Holy Spirit intervening, and bringing to completion what was forseen by the Father.


– Hephzibah

Have a beautiful day saints! ♥️

*featured image is from Pexels.


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