Happy Resurrection Day!

His mercy in my failing
His grace in my inadequacy
His strength in my weakness
His compassion in my brokenness
His love in my life

This Father of mine; This Savior of mine; This Helper of mine.

I did nothing to deserve Him, and all that He is in my life. Yet, He made a way, took me, set me on the Path and He keeps me on this Path.

I cannot fully understand it. I can’t. Why me? A clump of mess, yet He chose to DIE for me, RISING on the third day, defeating death, so I may live eternally with Him though I die.

And as cliché as that may have sounded, I didn’t write it for Christianese sake. His love moved me to tears this morning, because I was in awe and still am in awe.

I am reflecting on the goodness and great love of Jesus; Obeying the Will of the Father up until death on the cross, for me.
The Cross of Calvary;

Greater love is found in no one else but in this truine God.

My heart is truly full.

This picture was taken during the Easter Sunrise with the Redeemer* fam, and some covhope* people too, last year.
This time, however, we aren’t able to come together, but a couple of people from CovHope were able to meet up on zoom, watch the sunrise from the rooftop of one of our elders, talk about the Cross and pray together.

Christ is Risen
He’s risen, indeed
And so I wish you a Happy Resurrection Day Saints ❣

*Redeemer and Covenant Hope are churches. Covenant Hope is my church. Redeemer is like a neighbouring church.


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