Elevating Burdens

The past two to three weeks have been peaceful. All because of God.

When one of my mentors told me to look and see how different things would when I choose to start my day with God, rather than go ahead with my usual dealings and try to slip Him in later in the day, I didn’t really think how much better it would be.

But when I started doing this, by having to get up about an hour earlier each day, now that I reflect upon it, my heart has been in a much peaceful state, overall.

I used to feel burdensome over lack of quiet time, which is not exactly bad, but that was me zeroing in on my sin rather than on God’s mercy. Plus, I was not giving all credit to God Who is the One who causes the good work in me and not by my will. However, I felt grieved over my lack of time with Him and frequently gave it up as a prayer point to my friends and I finally saw and see the prayer being answered simultaneously with me sacrificing some hours of my sleep.

So I have learnt and am still learning that the hand of God doesn’t abstractly move. At times, It involves a sacrifice on my part, but He is the One Who actually enables me to make it. With that being said, I no longer see it as a burden to spend time with Him each day and actually enjoy time in His presence. Moreover, when I cannot, there is still a peaceful assurance in my heart. I no longer feel somewhat legalistic towards it and now desire to do it.

God did everything from the start till now and will bring it to completion. I am eternally and truly grateful for the burdens in my life He is elevating and has elevated; how Jesus has carried my burdens and shown me that His is light and His yoke is easy.

Have a lovely day saints.


4 thoughts on “Elevating Burdens

  1. Good to hear from you after a while. I hope you’re enjoying your ‘season of hibernation’.

    Message well-delivered. It’s God singular effort to save man. Also, it’s his sole effort to keep save/safe.

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    1. Oh wow, I am glad this moved you and God used me to reach out to you. I pray He fills you with His peace and overwhelms you with His love during this season, that you wouldn’t help but love to rest in Him continually. Stay blessed sis!!


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