Physical, not Spiritual

In this time of physical isolation, we Christians can fall into the trap of spiritually isolating ourselves from other believers.

Physical is fine, in fact, it is recommended but not so much spiritual. We need God, yes, but God has blessed us with church family for encouragement, discipline and uplifting. And so in any way that we can, it would be VERY helpful to regularly meet up, through technology like video calling, with other members of our church or other believers. Or maybe even for students like me that kinda run a campus ministry, to engage in video calls with the members of the Bible discussion group we may be leading or with the friends we’re trying to evangelize to.

Fortunately, today my pastor, having stressed the fact that we should keep in non-physical touch with one another, assigned online small groups for we members of the church. Mahn, I already feel the help this will add to my life spiritually. It is sooo beneficial to keep in contact with other people that help strengthen your faith in Christ. It has already helped me so much and I trust in God that this one will as well.

Before I finally rest my head, I want to share my base plan with this technologically enhanced phase that this Coronavirus has resulted in. I plan to make use of this opportunity that God has given us to continue the spread of the gospel to those with frail hearts fearing death, pointing them to my solid hope of assurance that I have in Jesus. And I could do this with video calls, Tweets, WhatsApp status updates, videos, pictures, and Instagram feeds and status updates as well. And I hope you can join me too!

Have a lovely day, loves! ♥️♥️♥️


One thought on “Physical, not Spiritual

  1. I have never used an app before to engage in spiritual affairs but girl, Bible discussions have been awesome. The way the creators of these apps are making money in this season of life ehn. We thank God for technology because what would we have done if there wasn’t live stream. I guess our Pastors will have to type up the sermons and send it to us via email. Staying connected is key despite isolation. We are social beings. If God saw that it was not good for man to be alone, then He surely knows what we are currently facing is not correct oo. I enjoy spending time with people. I like seeing faces, smiles and giggles but we must face ourselves in the mirror or call a friend even when it says reconnecting. WhatsApp for you oo


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