Wise Isolation

Almost everyone I know on the internet seems to be going on self-quarantining or isolation and then there’s me. For the past two weeks, there has not been a day I have not left my accomodation except today and the day before. I have been up and about, being unshaken by the virus, perhaps because I am trusting in God as well as underlyingly trusting in my immune system that is still good, as I am still young. But that is not right, neither is it loving. I could contact it and give it to others, and possibly even those with very weak immune systems and that is almost wicked, if it isn’t. So I am choosing to limit my going out and hugs because that would be the better thing to do.

It’s so surreal though, how many things are closing or getting ban. Like shopping malls, amusement parks, airports, churches too even. Churches started closing and this closing reached mine too. Because of travel restrictions, the university christian conference that was to be held this weekend, cancelled as well. It is seeming to be more wise to isolate than meet up, even though we as Christians are not to neglect meeting up regularly.

My pastor advised us on what love is and how it is more loving to not come in physical contact with our neighbours or with people in general. He also explained how we also should listen to the government’s instructions against large gatherings, as they are authority. And I don’t believe their instructions necessarily negate God’s instructions as we are called to love. If we happen to have it and then purposefully come in contact with people, leaning on the fact that God has power to heal physical ailments, would that not be somehow testing God?

However, I believe we can still meet in small groups but with very good caution as we are called to be wise as well.

So people, I hope God helps us in this time of trials and gives us wisdom and discernment in doing what is best, which is His will.

Have a lovely day people!


3 thoughts on “Wise Isolation

  1. As for me, I’ll be home. There’s no place I’ll rather be. The nation is on locked down. The only thing opened as of right now is the supermarkets. Being home has been fine. Grateful that I’m not someone that gets bored easily. Some people are still taking jogs around the neighborhood and chilling. I’m chilling in the four corners of my room, in my bed, writing a post, calling a friend, and praying. What a time in this nation oo but we will be wise 😊

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    1. with how things have taken a rather absurd turn, it is indeed wise to stay home and not meet with anyone, except groceries so yes, its very good that you’re choosing to stay home as that’s one of the loving things to do for our neighbours and loved ones in this period.
      But the ending of your comment took me out in laughter! You are quite hilarious! I am staying indoors as well. Have a blessed week, Karen!!

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