His Will will Be Done

This Corona has got people on edge and I’d admit, even me too.

However, the Lord will calm my heart and guide me as I go out each day. I will be cautious and ask the Lord for wisdom on how to go about preventive measures because it will be worse to worry about not having done enough, than worry that I did too much to prevent it (in the paraphrased words of my pastor today).

And don’t get me wrong, taking preventive measures do not negate the sovereignty and hand of the Lord but we are called to be wise, are we not? I mean, do we not acknowledge God’s sovereignty too when we pray our friends be saved while we still persistently evangelise to them? So I am doing that here too. Trusting that the Lord will keep me safe but also being diligent in my part of safety. And also understanding that even if I do get it, the Lord is sovereign in that too and not a hair of mine drops against His will. His will will be done and of that means me getting the virus, or not getting it, then so be it.


One thought on “His Will will Be Done

  1. Right on 👌🏿. It’s a tough time all around the nation. It’s easy for one to become careless and allow fear to take over but we must learn to trust God through it all. We must wash our hands and stay home if we don’t have anywhere to go. So many people are bored and for that reason, go out to have fun. The virus is not a joke but God isn’t either so we will choose to rest in Him 🙏🏿. P.S. I love this picture.


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