Seeking Salvation

This night, as I do occasionally, I felt the weight of death.

The dead state of people because they do not know Christ, is what I mean.

I cried and felt hurt because it seemed so hopeless. I really just wanted my friend to be saved already. Partly because I myself was afaid of putting in the work to walk her through the Bible as she is someone who is not the easiest to talk with, and also partly because she is so lost. And so I pleaded with God through my tears to change her heart. I pleaded with Him to save her.

I prayed for God to help use the opportunity I have gotten to read the Bible with her for His good work in her life. I prayed that He give me strength to persevere and not give up because I know it will not be easy and would even challenge me spiritually and physically, but it will be worth it.

And so I encourage you today to persevere in that one person or people you’re sharing the gospel with constantly and trust that God will bring them to salvation. I want you to understand also, that He is sovereign and His will will be done

Have a great night loves.


3 thoughts on “Seeking Salvation

  1. God’s word has free course, from you to her. Her heart is receptive to hear and receive the gospel.

    Keep labouring in the place of prayer for her and don’t get tire in your resilience to share God’s Word with her.

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