Tips to Smile

At first, I was going to talk about how bad my day went early on but I’m not going to go into details about that but I want to share a few things that helped me go through my almost depressing anxiety filled morning.

First, God loves you. Nothing can ever change that. No power of hell, no sin of man. No height, or depth. Nothing. And there’s nothing more precious and beautiful to possess than that.

Second, talk to God about how you’re feeling. Cry to Him. Shout to Him. Be clear with Him. Don’t hide anything. Let it all out

Third, share your burdens with others. Don’t bottle it up inside. It only makes it worse, judging from personal experiences. Ask them to pray for you. It goes a long way.

Fourth, don’t wallow alone. Go out; get some air. And meet with people, most importantly. Talk to someone physically. Be in the presence of another person. For some reason, it seems to make me feel lighter at times, most especially when we start talking about other things. It shifts my mind off it. And then when I’m clear headed of it or almost, I am able to think through things more clearly.

Fifth, God has heard you. He has a reason for everything. He knows why He allowed what happened to happen. And if you can trust in that, dear friend, you are going good.

And yeah, that’s it. For some reason, something is always up, or should I say, down, with me. But rather than wallowing, I choose to think of the good things that have happened. I refuse to complain more than give thanks. I refuse it.


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