I find it fascinating when I call people that are just acquaintances, friends when I’m all about the hey’s and hi’s with them. However, these same people I call acquaintances, I wish to them to become true friends. I wish that they know Christ; I wish that they come to faith. And this actually drives me to keep with the hi’s and hey’s so to move from there into other conversations like how they’re doing and later on, advance into deeper conversations when I find the time.

I believe it’s important to build relationships with people before approaching the subject of Christ. However, I also believe that the gospel has enough power on it’s own to change hearts, and not backed-up relationships. But the gospel being sufficient should not stop me or hinder me from making efforts to be friends with people. And more so, I shouldn’t treat these friendships like projects, but in the long run, should be aimed toward leading them to Christ, either in the way I live my life, the advices I give or the care I show to them.

I want my life to portray Christ as well as my words to be of the gospel, so they are driven towards Him, not only by words but by my actions. Because as you’ve heard it, actions speak louder than words. 🌼

Have a beautiful night loves. 🌹❤🌹


5 thoughts on “Friendships

  1. This is thought-provoking. Our associations matter a lot. We should strive to be at peace with every one. But more importantly, we should seek to ensure that we leave profound/lasting impressions on folks who are close to us. Our lives (words and actions) should be a sweet smelling fragrance that attracts people to Christ.

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  2. Hephzibah, I couldn’t have agreed more with this post. I believe that everyone that we meet is for a purpose whether it be for a brief moment or for a lifetime. The way we live our lives truly speak louder than the words we speak. Words are powerful but people also look at the way one carries their life. I do believe that with every opportunity we are given to encourage or speak life into someone’s life should be directed through the lens of Christ. This is not to say that we should shove the Gospel down one’s throat. There are ways of approaching things but with every encounter, may our lives radiate Christ, the hope of Glory!

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