A Cleared Haze

I came to the conclusion that I was probably sick and had been, for the past two days.

So, if you’ve been following up with me recently, you’d know that all has not been well with my health and head, but as God would have it, I feel pretty well now. It’s pretty amazing and fascinating that I had two people inform me that they were praying for me today. One particular person was there through it all, constantly checking up on me. I know things happen for a reason and I believe this one happened to comfort me. God is truly a God of compassion, love and kindness who comforts those in times of need.

Another beautiful thing that happened early this morning was that as I woke up, the headache from the day before had died down and it only lasted for a little while today. I didn’t feel very strong though, but I definitely felt stronger than two days ago. I was coughing more than usual and my voice wasn’t very clear. I felt like I was in a slight calm haze. But after a quick 30 minutes nap before my next class, I woke up feeling better. The headache was still there a bit but it dissipated with time and now I no longer have it. Thank God! I spent time with friends that came to visit me and we ate together, hung out and spoke about the plans of God, the uncertainties of life, and kpop/kdrama (lol). I haven’t studied my Bible today but I’m learning not to see it as a burden and take it one step at a time but still be intentional with it each day. I will study it before I go to bed though; need some daily dose of truth to keep me sane! Today was a weird normal good day. I liked it.

Thank you for coming to my daily life updates.

Have a lovely day, lovelies. 🌹❤🌹


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